After School Club

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After School Club

Our after school club starts from close of school till 6pm.

Our aim is to provide a reliable and consistent service in a happy, secure and stimulating environment for your children. The children are introduced to a variety of activities, which are planned to stimulate and encourage development as well as to teach them to co-operate with each other at work and play.

Activities are planned for the children to keep them occupied.  Time is also set aside for children to have a siesta/nap, play and receive support to do their homework (voluntary according to the wish of parents). Our activities are carefully designed to ensure that all children have equal opportunity to participate in activities of their choice. Adequate support is provided to ensure that all children’s needs are met. There is a good range of toys and resources providing children with good learning opportunities.

For fees and more information contact the office on  01-2913963 or 09094799917 or via email at