High School

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High School

In Key Stage 3 and 4, students are taught by subject specialists. Students develop greater independence, critical thinking and problem solving at this stage. They are taught the following subjects:

1. English Language and Literature
2. Mathematics
3. Science & Technology
4. PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education)
5. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
6. Pre-vocational studies (Home Economics / Agriculture)
7. Religion and Values Education
8. Creative and Cultural Arts
9. Business Studies and Entrepreneurship
10. Foreign languages (French)
11. Nigerian languages (Yoruba)
12. Music / Saturday Music School

In addition to the above, students are actively involved in co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

The first three years in Evergreen High is to introduce the pupils to more advanced study skills in preparation for the Checkpoint Examination that takes place in Year 9. The Checkpoint Examination is taken in the following core subjects – English, Mathematics and Science which serves to give a better understanding of our pupils’ strengths and weaknesses in preparation for subject choices in Year 10 when the IGCSE programme begins.