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Wider Opportunities

Wider Opportunities is a program aimed at enabling children learn to play a musical instrument, learn to dance ballet and salsa or learn martial arts. 

This will take place every Saturday from 11am to 1pm

music lessonMUSIC and DANCE: This is an instrumental and dance programme where music tuition is delivered by specially trained music teachers.

This programme is designed to provide a stimulating and creative musical experience for children where they learn to play musical instruments such as Piano, Guitar, Clarinet and Violin or dances such as salsa and ballet.

We have limited spaces available. Interested parents should contact the school office.

martial artsMARTIAL ARTS: Here your children learn the traditions of combat practices, that is self defense, competition, physical health and fitness, entertainment, focus,  as well as mental, physical, and spiritual development.

A typical session begins and ends with a bow to the teacher. After warm-up, the children practice particular skills such as kicks, blocks and punches. The classes are not to encourage violence rather to instill in the children respect, self discipline, socialization, self control and concentration.

Interested children must be 6 years of age and above.  

Benefits of Wider Opportunities:
  • Pupils are taught within a normal classroom setting
  • Performances are planned into sessions, giving parents the opportunities to share in their children’s success.
  • Pupils’ self-confidence grows as a result of taking part in Wider Opportunities.
*The programme is open to evergreen and non-evergreen pupils. Interested parents/children should please contact the school office.